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About Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is a relatively new process which has gained in popularity in the last twenty-five years.  It utilizes specially formulated pigments to apply a permanent makeup to the second layer of skin, the dermis, of the client by the use of one or more very fine needles.  Most often this is done to the face, especially to the eyebrows, eyelids, and lips.   The process is a form of  specialized cosmetic tattooing which requires a great deal of training and practice.  Only licensed technicians with extensive training and practice can apply permanent makeup.

The life expectancy of permanent makeup depends on the individual.  Many factors including the color chosen by the client, how much time a person spends in the sun, how well the pigment is absorbed by the skin when applied, and the rate at which the skin regenerates may impact the permanent nature of one's permanent makeup.  Over time some fading may occur.  Ideally, the color should be touched-up every year or two depending on how well the pigment holds.



***  All permanent makeup procedures require touch-ups within 4-5 weeks of the first procedure to set the color.   ***



Common Permanent Makeup Procedures



If you have endured hair loss or your eyebrows are not noticeable, one of these procedures may be just for you!  When completed, your eyes will look more natural and you will be able to swim, sweat, and rub your forehead without the fear of your eyebrows disappearing, smearing, or smudging as they might with applied makeup.  Both male and female clients can benefit from eyebrow procedures.


1.  MICROBLADING:  Microblading is a procedure which closely resembles the natural look of eyebrows for it is done by drawing each hair separately on the brow.  This process lasts for a year after which a touch-up is required to maintain the integrity of the brow line and color.

2.  SHADED EYEBROWS: These eyebrows are solid in color and appearance.  They provide a fuller look above the brow.




Do you wear contact lenses?  Do you suffer with seasonal allergies causing your eyes to water and itch making a mess of your applied makeup eyeliner?  Permanent makeup eyeliner may be just for you!  You choose whether you want a bold, heavy line or a more subtle, natural look to enhance your eyes and make them simply lovely.   Both men and women can benefit from accenting their eyes with eyeliner.

1.  UPPER EYELINER:  The eyeliner is applied just above the lash line in this procedure.

2. LOWER EYELINER: Eyeliner is applied just under the lower lash line in this procedure.

3.  WHOLE EYE WORKUP:  With this procedure, not only are the upper and lower eyeliners applied, but the space between the lashes is filled in making the eyes simply "pop" and be more noticeable.


Eyelash Enhancement


Are you longing for eyelashes that appear thick and full without applying false eyelashes which sometimes come unglued causing embarrassment ?  If so, an eyelash procedure may be just for you!


EYELASH LINER: can be added to the eyelash line to give the impression of one having more eyelashes.  Tiny dots are added to the lash line between the eyelashes to imitate a growing eyelash.

EYELASH EXTENSIONS: This procedure entails adding artificial eyelashes one by one to the lash line to create the appearance of thicker, fuller, longer eyelashes.

EYELASH LIFTS:  The eyelashes are lifted and curled using a special process so that curling the lashes and applying mascara no longer are necessary.




Permanent makeup application to the lips is very beautiful.  Not only can it change the color, size, and shape of the lips, but it can keep lipstick from passing the lip line and "bleeding" onto the face.

1.  LIP LINER: Lip liner may be used to enhance the mouth or even up the shape of the lips.  It may match the natural color of the lips or be another color altogether.  Lip liner helps to keep lipstick within the lip line.

2.  LIP AUGMENTATION: This is a non-surgical permanent makeup process which is used to create fuller, shapelier lips filled with color.  Many times flaws in the lips such as scars can be hidden with this procedure.  Lips are first lined, then filled in.

Corrections of Color

Sometimes a person may need to have past permanent makeup applications color corrected due to them being either too dark or too light.  In the case of some procedures done outside of the United States, a different color than expected may occur and the color may need to be corrected.  Color corrections are possible at Feather Touch Permanent Makeup and are priced on an individual basis according to that which needs to be done.




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